Will lifestyle modifications due to lockdown trigger weight gain and enhance the risk of diabetes?

Being a diabetic patient I am very much concerned about my lifestyle results that got changed due to corona

Weight gain is a very important determinant as far as the development or worsening of metabolic disorders is concerned. The lockdown implemented after the corona pandemic may negatively impact weight and predispose individuals to risk of metabolic decompensation. With reduced physical activity and, for some, stress eating that the lockdown has resulted in, controlling diabetes only becomes more challenging. Not to mention how the current crisis has also affected people’s mental health, adding to their stress levels. Stress hormones in the body can affect glucose levels directly, usually leading to its increase. While diabetics cannot do outdoor exercises during the lockdown, there are ways to remain physically active at home. One can do pranayam or stretching exercises, muscle strengthening exercises with 1-2 kg weight, walk up and down the stairs as many times as possible, or walk along the longest corridor of the house. Eat a lot of vegetables, try to take two-three servings of fruits in a day, and eat foods rich in protein. Avoid excess of carbohydrates and identify low caloric food like salads and soups, nuts, pulses, and lentils which are preferred as the activity level during the lockdown is bound to be low.