Will I have side effects after recovering from Covid -19

Hi. I need to know about the Long-term bad health effects after recovering from Covid -19? Does corona virus damage overall health after a full recovery?

Hi Jebila,
My guess is, it’s too early to say, my guess is it may depend on how badly you are infected. From what I observed and read, the probability is yes, some of the victims who have been severely infected will have permanent damage to their lungs. Research has shown that the deadly respiratory virus can have longer-lasting side-effects.

For many, viral symptoms may have reduced but some typical symptoms, such as cough, itching throat and fatigue may continue to persist for weeks after recovering from the illness. Recovered patients are coming to hospitals, complaining of heart problems, fatigue, mental distress and much more. With COVID, long-lasting fatigue, weakness (which could persist for weeks and months) has been a much-feared consequence. Apart from this, unbalanced energy levels could also expose patients to muscle aches and improper immune response and inflammatory attack. Breathlessness and tugging chest pain could be some of the primary symptoms however, for some patients who have made a recovery from the infection, breathlessness might persist for longer and throw them out of spin.

Breathlessness could also be an unwelcome symptom of heart damage or complication, which would be much-feared about a long-term complication with the disease. For people who have made a recovery, stress and anxiety could be much harder to face, making them more likely to suffer from psychological ailments in the long run. Sleep deprivation, gloom, uneasiness and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) were usually observed.