Will Green tea help me reduce weight?

Hai. Can green tea help me in losing weight?

Green tea will help you with weight loss. It’s not, however, some magic drink you can drink and you start losing weight overnight. Green Tea is merely a drink that helps preserve the body.

Green tea gives you nutrition and helps the body to use the fat that is present in your body as an energy source.That is how fat loss functions. It will work for you and it may not be as successful for you, too.

It depends entirely on person to person.We all have different Green Tea approaches. Some of us like green tea because it feels amazing after drinking and some of us drink only because we are under the impression that even though it tastes bad it will minimize weight.

Green tea contains antioxidants. All of our body’s wear and tear along with our meat intake creates free radicals within the body. Some of these free radicals serve useful physiological roles, but when created excessively, they can be toxic by causing damage to DNA, tissues, etc.; possibly generating cancer cells.

These free radicals react with antioxidants and reduce their effects.Combine green tea with good physical activity for a better body.