Will Contact lenses infect my eye over a long duration?

Can Contact lenses infect my eyes after long duration of usage?

Contact lenses that spread infections unless properly cleaned. one should liberally use contact lens solutions. Abrasions occur if the nails come into contact with the eye when wearing the lenses and removing them. People who don’t actually remove contact lenses on the expiry date have always complained of eye irritations.

People with thin cornea end up having more contact lens issues.Nevertheless, proper use, clean, liberal use of solutions and not wearing them while sleeping, and not using them even if slight discomfort occurs in the eye will help to reduce pressure.Contact lenses exacerbate dry eye condition if lubrication is not performed regularly.The use of moisturizers is a must during severe weather.

Generally speaking, when proper hygiene and lens care are practiced, the contact lenses recommended and fitted by an eye care professional are safe to wear If not properly fitted, lensesmay cause problems, which means that if you buy cosmetic lenses (colors, cat eye patterns, etc.) without a prescription from the gas station range at the corner, you can face

Similarly, if you wear them without having to clean them and disinfect them as directed, you are asking for trouble.Contact lenses are often easier and less invasive than the surgery for refractive vision correction and also have better vision than spectacles.

The eyes are healthy as long as you use a good quality pair of lenses and stick to the laws of using it.It can be dangerous once you break for the law.Some law depends on the nature of the lenses, such as whether or not it allows sleep while wearing it.

With all contact lenses, certain guidelines are general, such as cleaning it before any use and keeping it in the solution as your doctor guides.