Will consuming tea/coffee cause graying of hair?

Hai. Is tea/coffee considered to be the reasons for greying of hair?

To be frank, it will encourage white hair to drink coffee and tea yes. There are also unclear theories among them as to how coffee and caffeine affect grey and white hair.

One hypothesis is that caffeine induces hormonal imbalance that induces grey or white hair or, like the example below, hydrogen peroxide created by coffee.Reasons for hair graying include heavy consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol, fried and oily food, spices, and acidic and sour foods.

Genes play an important role in the graying process and there is broad variation among ethnic groups. While not all forms of tea induce hair graying. Yet tea intake only results in hair graying when you take large quantities of it.

Since there is no way to reverse hair graying but with the aid of green tea there are other ways that you can avoid and delay the hair graying cycle. The first and foremost step is to keep your diet safe and remove all the junk food from your diet

Graying of hair not only consuming tea or coffee there is lot of reason for graying of hair for example genetic cause, vitamin deficiency, and improper nutrition ,some environmental pollution,over use of chemicals to the hair etc…tea and coffee is not a exact cause for graying of hair…consuming of tea and coffee is not produce any major problems but over consuming its leads to some problems because both are stimulants you better take milk twice a day its good for your health…and try to avoid packed milk …try to drink fresh cows milk its good for your health