Will Braces completely align my teeth?

Does wearing braces alone help in aligning teeth perfectly ? How long will it take?

The dental braces come under the orthodontics group. This is an area of dentistry for the treatment, prevention, and correction of teeth abnormalities.

The straightening of teeth is an orthodontic procedure that focuses on slowly moving teeth into their proper alignment.

Sometimes dental braces, like conventional metal braces and translucent braces like Invisalign, are used to achieve this.Braces will address problems such as overcrowding, holes, and spacing, as well as bite problems such as underbites and overbites.

If you’re selecting conventional braces or simple braces, all dental braces work to produce the same result: moving the teeth gently and slowly to their proper position and alignment.Metal brackets are attached to each tooth using conventional dental braces, and then a dental wire is threaded through each tube.The wire is then tightened expertly at regular intervals, to push the teeth slowly into their correct places.

A series of clear, custom-made aligner trays is worn with translucent or invisible dental braces such as Invisalign, to move teeth into alignment.Such aligner trays, like conventional dental braces plates, are not attached to the teeth, and can be taken out when eating and brushing.

While it may be enticing to have the idea of being able to automatically straighten teeth in one visit, the simple fact is this method takes time.Since your orthodontist moves the teeth into their proper alignment and location using gentle force (created by the dental braces) over time, this must be achieved slowly to avoid damage.