Why you should eat polyphenols?

Anti-inflammatory properties

  • Polyphenols are known to interfere with the substances involved in causing the inflammation thereby, minimizing the inflammation in your body.

Anti-microbial property

  • Many studies point out the anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal activities of different polyphenol compounds.
  • These polyphenol compounds interfere with the microbial machinery involved in causing the infection. In some cases, they are also known to prevent infection.

Cerebrovascular protection

  • Lentils, green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, fatty fish, blueberries, etc are some boosting neuroprotective polyphenol based foods you can consume.

Osteoprotective properties

  • The polyphenols diminish bone loss.
  • They have antioxidant properties which protect the bone cells from the ROS damage.

Anti-cancer properties

  • Polyphenols have been proven to be effective anti-cancer agents from time to time.
  • For example, there are sources pointing out cancer from spreading reducing to 48% and the tumor growth reducing by 68.6%.


  • Turmeric, blueberries, red grapes, red wine, peanuts, groundnuts, green tea, grapefruit, etc., seem to contain polyphenols to cope or curb or minimize obesity.