Why my lips turn dry even after proper hydration?

Hai. I can see that my lips are turning dry and chappy even after drinking good amounts of water.What could be the reason?

Natural oils are formed by sebaceous glands, which are everywhere but the palms of the feet’s hands and soles, by most of the skin surfaces.There are some on your lips too but not as many on your face as the others.Your skin may often dry out

Some of the functions of those fatty oils (also known as lipids) on your skin is to serve as a barrier to moisture, to avoid drying out of the skin.The lips dry out much faster than other areas, being much thinner than most of the face.

This happens much more frequently in northern winters where the cold causes the drying out of the air which in turn takes the moisture out of your skin.The next, more lasting the approach is changing your diet.

It could be that drinking too much water is part of the issue because oil and water do not mix.So the water will displace your body’s oils or make them less likely to remain where needed.

Dear, One of the common causes of chapping & lip cracking is due to dehydration but there are some other factors in the environment such as dry air, heavy antibiotic use or less fat intake.