Why is it necessary to do root canal treatment?

Hai. My dentist has advised me to do root canal treatment. On what conditions is that performed and Is that the effective procedure?

Hai revathi.
Root canal treatment is intended to eliminate bacteria from the contaminated root canal, to avoid tooth reinfection and to preserve the natural tooth.

The inflamed or contaminated pulp is drained when one undergoes a root canal and the interior of the tooth is properly washed and disinfected, then filled and sealed.New enhanced pain management techniques have made it into a painless operation.

Getting a Root Canal will stop your toothache, and save your tooth.The key reason why root canals in mainstream media have a poor image is when someone has a very serious and severe infection, known as an acute apical abscess.In these conditions, making the the patient fully numb is very difficult.

One thing that happens is that nerves that don’t normally have a sense of pain can fail, and instead of transmitting details about touch and pressure, it sends pain.Once bacteria from tooth decay enter the soft pulp, the pulp and nerves within the teeth become infected; contributing to the degradation of the nerves and creating a dead tooth.

The dental injury also causes damage to the nerves within the tooth, and the tooth becomes lifeless.The dead tissue is infected, causing pain and swelling of the gums around

These teeth had been extracted earlier since that was the only way to get rid of the infection.The need for a root canal is needed when it’s too late to save the tooth’s life because it’s already infected and dying.

Reason for having a root canal rather than an implant is that it’s easier to keep your old tooth, even if it’s dead because you can still take advantage of having the dead tooth structure to chew food and help speak properly.

When treatment with the root canal is done, you will recover completely from the excruciating pain that you are constantly experiencing.

You will no longer have to use an ice pack or pain relievers, as root canal therapy, kills the pain permanently.Because it requires scrapping the entire bacterial unit, it stops the tooth from causing infection and spreading infection.

This canal can also avoid abscess forming in your infected tooth.Unlike removing a tooth, it allows you to bite with natural force and sensation.

Chewing is more effective as the tooth is protected by the root canal and does not crack.It will also guard against pressure on other teeth.

Since the tooth is saved there is no need to replace the missing tooth and also it offers more confidence and comfort.