Why does Burnout occur?

A burnout can result due to a variety of factors. These include-

Working in a high-pressure environment- Healthcare professionals, salespeople, IT individuals, and teachers are the personnel who are most commonly a victim of burnout.

Work life imbalance- Inability to strike a balance between work and personal life may burn you out quickly.

Hostile work environment – A demanding boss and uncooperative colleagues form an important external factor leading to burnout.

Abstract job description- Uncertainty regarding your role and the responsibilities designated to you can lead to work related stress.

Monotonous nature of job- A job which does not challenge you and is of a repetitive nature can lead to demotivation in many employees.

Lack of professional growth- An imbalance between the hours and the effort that you put in, and the increments that you get in return is one of the most common reasons for an employee to throw in the towel.