Why do I need to undergo a Myelography?

Myelography is used to obtain a clear image of the spine and the surrounding areas to study the exact nature of any back or spine-related problems. It is generally recommended for the following conditions.

– Herniated discs may put pressure on the spine or the nerves.

– To detect any injury suffered by the spinal cord.

– Spinal disorders resulting in arm or leg pain, numbness, weakness, coordination problems and difficulty in walking.

– Spinal tumor, cysts or infections.

– Spinal stenosis causes degeneration of the bones and tissues in the area.

– Any inflammation of the spinal cord membrane.

– Tearing away, deterioration or injury of spinal nerve roots.

– Spinal lesions caused by a specific disease or trauma.

– Arachnoiditis which affects the membrane surrounding the brain.

– Arthritis in the spinal column.

– In conditions related to bone spurs and ankylosing spondylitis