Who all are susceptible to corona virus?

Hai. May i know who are all susceptible to corona virus infection?

Individuals with poor immunity are at high risk of being infected with Corona Virus as well as other viral or bacterial infections.More than half of those who died were older than 80.over 70 years old.Beyond the mere fact of old age, your risk increases with pre-existing health conditions-particularly

Scarcely any deaths were reported below age 40.Many younger people who have no health problems experience only fairly mild symptoms and usually recover relatively quickly.

People who have previous diseases that hamper immunity such as HIV andpeople who come into contact with the transmission mode of the infected person because it is fomite spray, droplet spray.

The medical and paramedical staff on duty who treat the patients,the military, police and other security personnel, those who fall into other important categories and work through lockouts, the elderly and the ill, those who regularly go out of work.