What's the reason for sensitivity in my front teeth?

I feel little sensitivity in my front teeth during night time. What could possibly be the reason for it? How can this be cured?

Hello roshini,
Some activities, such as brushing, eating, and drinking, can cause sharp, temporary pain in your teeth when you have sensitive teeth. Typically, sensitive teeth are the product of damaged dent enamel or exposed tooth roots. Other factors, such as a cavity, a cracked or chipped tooth, a worn filling, or gum disease, sometimes cause dental discomfort.See your dentist if you are disturbed by sensitive teeth. He or she can identify or rule out any underlying causes of tooth pain. For several reasons, your acute tooth sensitivity may appear, many of which will go away on their own after a couple of days.But to be sure, you will go to see your dentist, who will take an X-ray of your tooth, to make sure that nothing happens under the gums or inside your mouth.