What Treatments Are Available for Anhidrosis?

  • Treating anhidrosis involves treating the underlying condition/illness that is causing anhidrosis.

  • If only a small part of the body is affected by anhidrosis, your doctor might not even prescribe a treatment.

  • But if it is spread to a larger area, it will require proper diagnosis and treatment since it could be life-threatening.

  • Usually, prednisolone is prescribed which is administered in the form of an injection injected into the sympathetic nerve tissues located in the neck region.

  • Sometimes unclogging the clogged pores with the help of exfoliation can also help. In many cases, if it is drug-induced anhidrosis, discontinuation of that specific drug helps treat the condition.

  • Certain home remedies such as supplements containing baking soda or rubbing cucumber juice also helps.

  • The best way to prevent anhidrosis is to keep a check of the side effects of the medications that you are on.

  • If you have an inherited case of anhidrosis, it is wise to keep yourself limited to cool quarters.

  • That includes limiting your outdoor activities and always keeping a water spray with you.