What to do if I have diabetes and COVID-19?

I wanted to know how far this COVID-19 will react with diabetes , because people nowadays say that diabetic patients are at more risk.

If you have mild disease or are relatively asymptomatic from COVID-19 can be managed at home, even if you have diabetes.It is important for you to monitor your symptoms and blood sugar levels closely.You should call your supporters immediately if you are not able to control your blood sugars or if your symptoms are worse and you experience nausea, vomiting or trouble breathing. This could mean that the infection is worsening.However, COVID-19 may make it difficult to manage diabetes.And for the diabetic patients being admitted to the hospital have had higher insulin requirements and higher rates of diabetes complications like diabetic ketoacidosis(DKA), which occurs when the body breaks down fat too quickly and as a result creates ketones and causes the blood to become acidic.The patients who are insulin dependent or follow diabetes medications like SLGT-2 inhibitors should have ketone testing kits at home inorder to monitor your ketone levels when you are sick.Addition to this patients should review you medications with your doctor to see if any medication should be placed on hold or if dosages should be changed during this time of corona pandemic.