What precautions should be followed after a cataract surgery?

Hai. i need to know what all the precautions to be taken care of after cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery has become so easy it’s turned into a 10-minute operation.Of course, you’re probably going to spend 3–4 hours at the doctors 'hospital to plan and heal.

The next day, you will practically get back to work.You’ll need to put drops in your eyes, and follow-up appointments are required but it shouldn’t be a problem.While cataract surgery is a quick and painless daycare operation, there are a few precautions that need to be taken for optimal results.

Normally doctors take preventive measures both pre-operatively and intraoperatively but even antibiotic eye drops should be used as recommended by the doctor during the postoperative time to minimize them risk of infection.

Use your eye drops as per your ophthalmologist’s schedule.

Start easy, everyday activities such as reading, writing, watching television and walking.

Hold attention to physical activity.

Wear your protective eye mask when you’re sleeping and stop sleeping on the location where it was run.For a few days, when doing a hair bath prevent shampoo reaching the eye

Prevent any job that will irritate the eyes and cause you to rub them, eg.

Work in the kitchen with smoke/fumes, cutting onions to wash the eyes, working in dusty outdoor conditions or with chemicals that could smart the eyes.

Do not lift heavy weights Reduce hard workouts and yoga that could place pressure on the area of the head-face-neck.

But if, during your cataract surgery recovery, you experience any pain or a sudden change in your vision, contact your eye doctor immediately to make sure that your eye recovers normally.