What is the prescribed duration for a good sleep?

Hai. I like to know how many hours of sleep is necessary for a good health?.


There’s a significant difference between how much sleep you can get by on and how much you need to function optimally.The average person sleeps less than seven hours a night according to the National Institutes of Health.

Six to seven hours of sleep will sound pretty good in today’s fast-paced society.Yet in fact, it is a chronic sleep deprivation formula.Sleep occurs naturally in stages.

Let us just call them to sleep cycles, and here I’ll describe them: a sleep cycle normally consists of some Alpha, Beta, Delta, then Theta brainwaves intervals.

A cycle takes 90 minutes on average, but the length of a cycle varies from person to person, and indeed, it varies from time to time depending on the individual.The best sleep duration is one that ends on a complete cycle.

It has been shown from recent research that humans used to sleep for 2–3 cycles, awake for a few hours, then sleep for another 3–4 cycles.It’s called biphasic sleep and has become common again, but that way we don’t have the same reasons to sleep anymore.

Sleep is not something that one can play with.On average, 8 hours of sleep is a standard amount of sleep time and it varies from person to individual.I recommend you sleep throughout the night between 10 pm and 5 am, and half an hour after lunch.

Do not force your body to sleep or wake up, just let your body determine what’s best for you.