What is Swollen eyelid?

In effect, a swollen eyelid can be a stye which can be very painful. It is a disease that is normal.
What is stye ?
A stye is a small painful lump on the inside or the outside of the eye, so there are two types: internal and external. The eye may be watery and red. Vision is not usually affected. A stye occurs as a painful red lump inside the lid inside the eye. Typically, it’s caused by an eyelash follicle infection or inflammation. Identified as meibomiam glands, there are tiny glands that sit around the eyelid and drain into the eyelashes through ducts. If this duct is blocked by something and the oil created by the gland does not drain, it will return to the gland, which then becomes inflamed and swollen and often infected.

As a result of a blockage in the apocrine gland, a sweat gland that empties into the eyelashes, stones may also develop.

Treatment for Styes

  • Styes normally grow rapidly over a couple of days and go without any care within one to three weeks. It also becomes filled with pus as a stye grows so forms a ‘head’. When the ‘head’ emerges, within 3-4 days, the stye will burst and the pus drains. Then, the eye will return to normal.

  • Hot/warm compresses will help relieve the pain and discomfort and bring the pus to a head so that you help yourself with the hot compress, but it will take time for the stye to quit its own accord.