What is Sinus Headache

Sinuses are air-filled areas located between the eyebrows and cheekbones. It can even be found under the nose’s bridge. These sinuses get inflamed as a result of multiple allergic reactions. The sinuses swell and produce a lot of mucus, which causes the drainage pathway to becoming blocked. The pressure in the sinuses builds up, resulting in a serious headache.

When the sinuses are infected with a bacterial or viral infection, the inflammation causes the sinuses to swell. The inflammation is caused by an allergic reaction that blocks the sinus drainage pathways. Inflammation of the sinuses can also be caused by allergic reactions such as hay fever. As a result of the inflammation, more fluid is generated within the sinuses. As the fluid production increases, the pressure inside the sinuses increases. The bacteria and virus migrate into the accumulated fluid of the sinuses after a cycle of infection and induce an infection. Mostly the infection is caused by a virus. Bacterial and fungal infections are really rare.