What is pellagra?

Pellagra is a nutrient deficiency condition caused by a vitamin B3 deficiency. Pellagra causes a variety of systemic diseases affecting the skin, liver, and nervous system.

Dermatitis, Diarrhea, and Dementia are also symptoms of Pellagra syndrome, which may lead to death. Brown discoloration of the skin, particularly in sun-exposed areas, is a symptom of pellagra patients. Increased pigmentation occurs in advanced stages of pellagra, resulting in thin varnish-like eruptive scales.

In addition to skin modifications, intestinal intervention may induce intractable diarrhoea, stomatitis (mouth inflammation), and glossitis (mouth ulcers), whereas pellagrous encephalopathy may trigger memory loss, confusion, delirium, or disorientation.

If left untreated, pellagra will cause stupor and death. Pellagra is derived from the Italian words pelle (skin) and agra (rough), which means rough skin, and refers to pellagra’s skin problems.