What is Oligohydramnios?

There would be roughly 50ml of fluids within the amniotic sac at the start of the second trimester, which is one-third of the way through the pregnancy. The volume of this liquid increases as the pregnancy advances and the fetus grows larger. The amniotic sac normally contains between 800 and 1000ml of fluids at its fullest. As the conclusion of the third-trimester approaches, this tends to decrease slightly. The proper amount of amniotic fluid is essential for the baby’s normal and healthy development as well as avoiding difficulties.

Prior to the completion of the pregnancy, there may be issues with the amniotic sac and fluid. Small amounts of liquids may leak or there may be an excessive amount. Polyhydramnios is a condition in which there is too much amniotic fluid. On the other side, oligohydramnios is a condition in which there is too little of it.