What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

A narcissist is described by an excessive sense of superiority, a clinging desire for admiration, and apathy toward others. The psychiatric term for a personality disorder in which an individual displays certain narcissistic characteristics over a long period of time is narcissistic personality disorder. A personality disorder is a psychiatric illness in which individuals acquire characteristics that cause them to behave in socially distressing ways, negatively affecting their interpersonal relationships.
People with narcissistic personality disorder spend a lot of time thinking about their own dominance or their own beauty and brilliance.

The onset of this disorder usually occurs during maturity, when the individual begins to be unnecessarily boastful, egotistical, and pompous.

Such individuals are often seen monopolizing conversations and looking down on others they perceive to be inferior.
The evidence of these qualities in multiple contexts such as work, family, and interpersonal relationships reveals the presence of a narcissist. Even if these people seem to have a high sense of ego on the surface, underneath this delicate shell lies a person riddled with insecurities and guilt. This demeaning aspect causes them to exaggerate their sense of superiority in order to cover for their personality flaws.