What is Medial collateral ligament injury?

The MCL is a ligament that attaches the tibia to the femur. Where the MCL is broken or overstretched, it is said to be affected. When a lot of weight is applied to the leg, something happens. MCL injuries, which are normal in athletes, are classified into three categories based on their severity.

  • Grade 1: This is the least extreme grade, indicating that the ligament has just been pulled rather than broken. It takes a few days for these burns to recover.

  • Grade 2: This indicates that the MCL is partially torn. It can take up to a month for this condition to heal.

  • Grade 3: The MCL has been totally ripped off, and this is the most serious. It will take up to two months or longer for these tears to recover properly.

You can experience pain if your MCL has been impaired, like:

  • Stiffness in the knee
  • Swelling
  • Crack sound at the time of the injury
  • Severe pain