What is maltitol? Is it good or bad?

Maltitol is a sugar liquor based fake sugar. Sugar liquor is characterized as sugar, which has a liquor segment connected to it. Sugar alcohols are delivered by leafy foods and are named starches.

The uses of Maltitol
Used as medicine in Fighting tooth decay : Sugar consumption creates an acidic environment in the oral cavity that promotes decay and of teeth.

Calorie Alternative to Table Sugar:
Maltitol is very scarcely absorbed by the human body when it is in the large intestine and the metabolism process converts it into few calories.

Food and confectionery:
Maltitol has by far the same taste and sweetness when compared with sucrose, which is the common table sugar but has a substantially lower amount of calories as compared to sucrose.

Maltitol can have some side effects when consumed in large quantities. The most widely affecting side effect of maltitol is bloating and diarrhea.