What is Itchy Scalp?

  • Itchy scalp is caused by a number of health conditions. This makes it a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge.
  • It is also called scalp pruritus.
  • Pruritus is the medical term for an “itch”, or a desire to scratch.
  • It is also very frequently encountered in dermatological practice, as the scalp is an area that is frequently manifested with pruritus.
  • Information on scalp pruritus is still limited and quite complicated.
  • The prevalence of scalp pruritus has been reported specifically with great rarity. Therefore, it is difficult to understand its epidemiology.
  • It has only been reported based on other medical conditions.
  • The prevalence of itchy scalp across a wide range of medical conditions varies from as little as 13% to as high as 45%.