What is dementia and Alzheimer's? Is there's any possible way to treat them?

Hai.My Grandmother is aged 87.She continually forgets things and her routine as well.Is this dementia?.What’s Dementia and Alzheimers and what could be the possible ways to treat it?

We start forgetting things as we age, particularly words or things like where we put our keys.it may be several other cognitive disordersIt is an annoyance but it does not bear the strong, incremental burden attached to Alzheimer’s.

It requires rigorous testing to know the difference between the two, also called neuropsychological tests done by a professional expert.It is natural aging is not just memory loss, it may be several other cognitive disorders

We know it takes an older person longer to remember anything than the young, but we noticed it wasn’t caused by memory loss that is caused by the sheer amount of memory that an older person may have.

It’s natural to sometimes forget stuff and we do it from time to time and we’re doing it from the moment we’re little kids.We’re just not afraid until a person gets into the age where the Dementia’s lift their head.

It’s natural to forget a name, and remember later.It’s natural to forget where you were putting something and retrace your steps.

As such, memory losses occur gradually; sometimes in such a fashion that by using replacement and other techniques, the person may cover the loss over years

High blood pressure, heart disease, Dementia’s family history, diabetes, and social isolation are all correlated with a higher Dementia risk.Depression and stress are also playing their roles.Dementia is not evolving at a gradual pace, so following a tragedy like a stroke there is a chance to see an uptick in cognitive problems.Dementia is typically a long-term and gradual process while acute incidents such as strokes may often cause it.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive, neurodegenerative disease, which causes signs of dementia. Can’t be healed, or even slowed its development.

The Dementia person won’t be able to retrace their steps.Although the first thing often found with Alzheimer’s is memory loss there are other Dementia’s starting elsewhere and memory loss happens later or not all.

One region is called the executive system in the frontal lobes.It is how you organize and control other executive functions.

Alzheimer’s condition is currently without a known cure. Different forms of cognitive impairments may be diagnosed, enhanced, and perhaps even etiologically reversed, but the harm done in true AD is permanent. Diet and daily exercise appear to be effective in delaying or avoiding the development of Alzheimer’s disease.Controlling the damage often requires holding yourself mentally challenged.