What is Cloudy urine

  • When urine appears cloudy or turbid, it could be indicative of an underlying health condition. In most cases, cloudy urine is a sign of urinary tract infection which affects over eight million people in a year.
  • Cloudy urine is sometimes associated with abdominal pain, frequent urination, bad odor, and painful urination.
  • Women may complain of cloudy urine much more than men.
  • This is because women’s bladders are more prone to E Coli formation.
  • If the cause of cloudy urine is not connected with urinary tract infection, then it may be indicative of a serious health issue like a kidney problem.
  • If the urine contains too many types of sedimentsor abnormally high levels of certain kinds of cells and crystals, it calls for careful examination.
  • If this condition is asymptomatic, then it could just be a case of dehydration that can be remedied easily.