What is Antibiotic resistance and why it affects health?

Hai. why antibiotic resistance is a threat to health? what is called antibiotic resistance?

Hai. Thats an interesting question.

Antibiotics typically operate on a cellular level by inhibiting one or more enzymes (one of the key mechanisms, as well as other mechanisms,) that the bacteria desperately need to continue their life cycle.

The bacteria die as a result.The basic resistance mechanism is when a bacteria is exposed to antibiotics either in an insufficient dose or when antibiotics are not needed: the rapid mutation of the bacteria undergoes.

Either they delete the enzyme from their life cycle, or they alter the enzyme the antibiotics were working on.In this way the antibiotics become inactive.If you have a disease, this means your body has TONS of bacteria (of the kind that causes the disease).

Some of these bacteria will be more resistant to the antibiotic given to you by the doctor, due to random chance, while others will be less immune.While there are quite a few mechanisms by which bacteria develop antibiotic resistance, most of they appear to be hereditary, which would be irreversible, as you might be able to say.

And no matter how long you take the antibiotic for, or how much you abstain before taking it again, if you’ve been infected with the same bacteria, the bacteria may no longer react to the antibiotics.

In short, if a person (or the bacteria in their body, more accurately) is immune to an antibiotic, they will be so till they live. This is why antibiotic resistance nowadays is becoming such a major problem