What is an inguinal hernia?

A hernia is a chronic condition that mostly affects men in their senior years. A hernia is a weakening or rupture of the abdominal wall, which keeps the internal organs in place. Hernia is derived from the Greek word hernias, which refers to a bud or offshoot.

The inguinal area of the body, also known as the groyne, is where the herniation is most likely to occur. Inguinal canals exist in both men and women. The canal is a passageway for the external genitalia to descend.

When tissues pass into a vulnerable spot in the abdominal wall in the inguinal area, it is referred to as an inguinal hernia. When people with this condition lean over, cough, or raise large things, they experience discomfort.

These hernias aren’t necessarily serious, but they don’t always go away on their own and can lead to fatal consequences in some cases. An inguinal hernia can only be repaired by surgery.