What is a shredded memory foam pillow?

A shredded memory foam pillow has filling that is torn into tiny pieces. The individual pieces of foam move independently, allowing the pillow to be moldable. You can sculpt it much like a down pillow; it will shift and change into whatever shape you desire.

A shredded memory foam pillow is soft enough to conform to the shape of your head but supportive enough to keep your neck and back properly aligned.

Shredded memory foam is more breathable than traditional memory foam. While a single piece of dense foam doesn’t allow air to circulate freely, a shredded memory foam pillow is a much more breathable pillow. This filling type allows warm air to escape while being replaced with fresh, cool air.

It supports your head and neck throughout the night, ensuring that you can wake up without neck pain or stiffness. An old or inexpensive pillow is not only going to inhibit your sleep and stop you from waking up feeling refreshed, but it can also trigger or worsen neck pain and headaches.