What exactly is refined sugar? And why is it unhealthy?

For the production of refined sugar, raw sugar or sucrose is extracted from sugar cane or from any other plant with naturally occurring sugars, which is then processed to remove molasses. The most popular form of refined sugar is table sugar or white sugar.

  • Refined sugars are responsible for a wide variety of health issues, such as obesity and excess belly fat, which are risk factors for more severe conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, liver disease , dementia, and certain forms of cancer.
  • Refined sugars can cause resistance to leptin, a hormone that signals hunger and satiety, which explains the relationship between refined sugar and obesity.
  • If you have a diabetic record in your family, let 's say high blood fat levels-consuming sugar can adversely impact your kidneys and pancreas by rising your blood triglyceride levels, which is a risk factor for heart disease and inflammation.

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