What does virtual reality do to the brain?

Virtual reality (VR) can seem like being magically transported to a different world. Virtual Reality may create only an artificial environment. In the virtual world, the brains don’t create a mental map of the environments instead of real ones do. Virtual Reality may learn the surrounding area, stimulating the brain neurons, but without a formation of the mental map. The first impact focuses on the fact Virtual Reality confuses the brain. It means that the visual organs (eyes) see one object or one surrounding area, but brain cells perceive and react to that differently. This leads to the confusion of consciousness and brain, in general. It may continue some hours. One can say that VR is a very promising technology, which may immerse in all spheres of life and make great achievements. But people should not forget their health, specifically the brains, and take care of it attentively to feel good and enjoy the Virtual Reality possibilities.