What do you like about your bamboo pillow?

The bamboo viscose exhibits greater strength than other pillow fabric, while the shredded foam conforms to your shape as you sleep and results in an improved sleeping experience overall. A bamboo memory foam pillow made with bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, therefore suitable for people who suffer from allergies.

Bamboo pillows, referred to as as such because of the bamboo fibers used to assist create the cloth weave determined with inside the casing, are usually full of a shredded reminiscence foam. The blessings of a bamboo pillow permit for customized adjustment to healthy each your frame wishes and private choices for a higher night’s sleep.

Back and Neck Alignment- Bamboo pillow are created to help support varying positions for a good night’s rest and overall health benefits.
Back Sleeping Needs - Your head should be kept level with your shoulders, meaning you need a supportive yet thinner pillow. Plus, you also need the gap between your head and shoulders well supported to allow your soft neck tissues to rest.

Stomach Sleeping Needs- A thin soft pillow is required for this position, and placing another thin pillow under your hips will help keep strain off your lower back.