What could be the prescribed diet for people with kidney stones?

Hai. Can you tell me the prescribed diet for people with kidney stones?.Thank you.

In general, people who develop kidney stones will increase intake of water, decrease the intake of salt (sodium) and reduce the intake of proteins.

Because kidney stones can be made up of several different salts and minerals that are present in the blood, knowing what the stones are made of is important.If we calculate high levels of oxalate in the urine, the the intestine can take another approach to reduce oxalate by avoiding oxalate-rich foods.

Oxalate foods include lettuce, beets, cocoa powder and chocolate, chili peppers, wheat germ, and dried fruit.

As mentioned earlier, you can ingest foods with a lot of calcium.

Which include products such as cheese, nuts and seeds, spices such as cumin.Avoid fruits such as lime, guava, Indian gooseberry (amla), do not eat spinach at night because breaking

it in the night is difficult for the digestive system and a person with a history of kidney stones should be careful.