What could be the causes for white patches on toe nails?

Hai. what are the possible causes for white patches on the nails of the toes?

Hai. John.
The white spots generally referred to as the sign of calcium deficiency is called leukonychia and is very normal. So popular that people have mistaken these white spots for pure signs of a lack of calcium (so much so that it even acquired the name milk spots), but not realizing that the real problem is that white spots on nails signify fungus.

Injuries like bumping your finger, a finger tech that puts undue pressure on your nail while giving you a manicure, or an allergic reaction to nail polish or nail hardener, or a sign of a mild infection.

When you are deficient in some minerals or vitamins you can find white spots or dots around your nails. Zinc deficiency and calcium deficiency are the shortcomings most commonly associated with this problem.

A common nail fungus may appear on the toenails, called white superficial onychomycosis. A few tiny white spots on the nails may be the first sign of the infection. The infection may develop and spread to the bed of nails. Toenails can appear flaky and become thick and brittle afterward.