What causes thyroid nodules?


• Iodine imbalance in the body
• Existing auto-immune diseases
• Radiation therapies for the treatment of existing diseases like Lymphoma or Hodgkin’s disease
• Structural abnormalities of the thyroid gland from birth
• Inflammation of the thyroid gland due to other diseases
• Hormonal fluctuations during puberty, pregnancy, menstruation or menopause
• Surgeries of the thyroid gland in the past
• Certain diseases like amyloidosis (protein deposition) or hemochromatosis (iron deposition)
• Familial history of thyroid nodules or other thyroid diseases
• Dysfunctions of the pituitary gland
• Over-the-counter drugs like amiodarone, interferon alpha, and interleukin-2
• Viral infection of the thyroid gland
• Elevated levels of thyroid hormones within the body due to hormone replacement therapy
• Substance abuse (smoking and alcoholism)
• Stress (emotional or physical)

Can you say what are the symptoms of thyroid nodules?

Hi Harshini!


• Presence of fluid-filled lumps on one or both sides of the thyroid gland
• Protrusion of eye-balls (with double vision in some cases)
• Perspiration
• Altered cardiac and respiratory rates
• Changes in appetite (gain or loss)
• Abnormal weight gain or loss
• Loss of hair
• Unexplained trembling
• Gastrointestinal disorders
• Loss of muscle tone
• Hoarse voice
• Joint pain and bone damage
• Heavy and irregular menstrual bleeding
• Damage of hair and nails
• Abnormally dried skin with constant itching
• Loss of growth and development (in children)
• Loss of bone-calcium and other minerals (causes bones to become brittle)
• Blank and meaningless stare
• Mental instability
• Loss of cognitive abilities
• Anxiety, panic, and nervousness