What can go wrong if you lack vitamin D?

Falling sick frequently: Vitamin D strengthens your [ immune system and a lack in it paves a way for several foreign bodies to attack your system and cause harm to it.

The feeling of fatigue and tiredness: The deficiency of vitamin D can cause tiredness and fatigue, which are often overlooked.

Causes a backache and bone pain: It is well-known that vitamin D is the best contributor to calcium which is an essential nutrient to maintain bone health. When the body lacks vitamin D it results in low levels of calcium which affect the bones and back causing inflammation and pain.

Impairs wound healing: The slow healing of wounds after an injury or surgery can be due to the lack of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a vital role in inflammation and fighting infection.

Loss of bone: The deficiency of vitamin D is reflected in lower bone density which contains low levels of calcium, low bone mineral density, and impaired bone metabolism. This causes bone fragility and makes it the reason for the bones to get broken or fractured often.

Hair loss: Stress is a major attribute that causes hair loss. When the extent of the hair loss is severe it is associated with vitamin D deficiency. Shreds of researches have proved that a low level of vitamin D in women causes hair loss.