What are the warning signs of joint damage?


Joint damage is easily recognized through some common symptoms. These are described below-
• Pain and inflammation in joints
• Joints become stiff and immobile in the morning
• Redness, warmth and increased tenderness of affected joints
• Bones that stick at different locations form bulges
• The occurrence of sudden shooting pain and burning sensation in and around the joints
• Pain may radiate from joints to the nearby areas like pelvic region, lower back or lower extremities
• Bone deformities
• Peeled off whitish flakes from the skin covering affected joints
• Difficulty performing normal activities like walking, running, climbing stairs etc
• Restricted motion of joints
• Fever and general body weakness
• Body pain
• Loss of appetite
• The height of a person reduces (erosion of joints in the vertebra forms humps and affects the height)
• Joint movements lead to sounds at the joints
• Throbbing pain in joints and adjoining muscles after some physical activity or normal movements
• Joint pain at night disturbs sleep
• The patient cannot restore proper postures