What are the main signs of sitophobia?

The identifiable signs of sitophobia are given below-

  • Having food at odd hours
  • A tendency to have very small quantities of food during a normal meal
  • Tendency to have food shortly after a meal
  • An intense urge to have massive quantities of food even if the stomach is full (rare)
  • Feeling hungry even after a full meal
  • An intense desire to have food rich in carbohydrate, starch and sugar, while completely avoiding normal food
  • A complex about one’s body weight, size and shape
  • Abnormal weight loss or gain
  • A very poor or an abnormally high appetite
  • Feeling of guilt or shame while having food
  • Starving oneself more often
  • A tendency to vomit the ingested food, more often as a compensatory mechanism of overeating
  • An unusual obsession over body image and what other people are saying about their external appearance