What are the healthy facts of drinking a bottle of water?

The amazing facts after drinking water are:
(1) Balancing the electrolytes: It is crucial when comes to maintenance of electrolytic balance in your body.If the sodium levels rise beyond a certain point, it gets excreted through kidneys in the form of urine.

(2)Weight Loss: Studies have indicated that individuals who drink more water tend to have higher resting energy expenditure This could aid in losing moderate levels of weight in the long run.

(3) Brain without water: When the smartest organ of your body is 85% water, you should be smart enough to understand that it must be crucial to cognitive and neurological functions.
The moment you become dehydrated, your brain cells begin to lose their efficiency. This state directly impacts the formation of short-term and long-term memories.

(4)Goodbye to Wrinkles and Aging
Drinking sufficient amount of water might work bigger wonders than what most commercial topical ointments could accomplish in keeping your skin young and radiant.

(5) More water is equal to more muscle power
When your muscles are dehydrated, it automatically causes the proteins in the muscles to break down. Now, your muscles are roughly 70% proteins in dry weight. Thus, when dehydration happens, your muscles tend to break down rapidly.