What are the Fitness Basics?

There is a basic thing when comes to fitness protocol. If your are a Fitness person, there are three components that you should keep in mind.
(1) Cardiovascular Component
(2) Resistance of strengthening training component
(3) Flexibility and Balancing component

Try to inculcate on all the 3 components when you plan for fitness routine. If you try to skip any one of them, you are eventually get to prone injury because of that.

Walking , jogging. cycling and cardio workouts comes under this category.
Health Benefits

  • Increases Blood Oxygenation levels
  • Improves your Immunity
  • Makes you active for the entire day that you are going to spend for the body.

We all like to lift weight ,hit the gym for weight training. This component includes Dumbbell workout, Body-based workouts , weight lifting workouts and bubble based workouts.
Health Benefits

  • Improves your bone density
  • Increases you muscle mass (which in turn reduces fat)
  • Improves your functionality posture and skeletal structure.

This is very vital among the three components of fitness. Many people suffer joint pain, muscle pain etc because of skipping this part. This component can be yoga , dynamic stretching or static stretching.

People who say who don’t have time to do workouts, you can do any one these component once in a week and gradually increasing it to twice or thrice in a week. This is very beneficial and helps you to stay good and active thoroughly.
If you are body builder or show modeler, it is must that you should follow this three components in your day to day life.