What are the best cholesterol lowering foods?

What are the best cholesterol lowering foods? Answers ?

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These measures that could help aid the reduction of cholesterol in the body.

  • Two portions of fish per week (e.g. sardines, mackerel), has been noted to improve blood pressure and blood lipids (fats), and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Garlic powder added to the diet has shown “modest reductions” in high Cholesterol levels.
  • Soya foods are low in saturated fat and can help the body regulate cholesterol levels.
  • Oats and barley contain beta glucan, which claims to form a gel to help bind Cholesterol and prevent it from being absorbed.
  • Plant sterols and stanols have been suggestive to assist the blocking of cholesterol in the intestines. These would include vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fruit & vegetables.
  • Fruit and vegetables are low in saturated fat therefore eating more of them within a balanced diet helps to keep saturated fat intake low.
  • Green tea and black tea, consumed as a drink or capsule, could assist with the lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol

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