What Are Foot Corns?

Corns are thickened, hardened skin patches that most commonly appear on the soles of the feet or the sides of the toes, places that are subjected to a lot of pressure and friction on a daily basis. Calluses and corns are frequently mistaken. A hyperkeratotic reaction of the skin to mechanical stresses and friction causes the latter to develop. Both are made comprised of skin cells that have died. Corns on the feet are quite common. These are rather harmless and unlikely to cause more issues until they become large and hard enough to dig into your feet every time you walk, forcing you to change your gait. Corns, on the other hand, can be excruciatingly unpleasant. Even the tiniest ones can be excruciating. They, too, can become diseased at times. Fortunately, they’re rather simple to treat. Corns, on the other hand, can quickly recur if the initial reason is not addressed.