What all could be the symptoms of corona virus?

What all could be the symptoms of corona virus?

Coronavirus is a deadly virus that is transmitted from animals to humans and then spreads to humans.

It is also known as COVID-19, meaning CO-Corona, VI- Virus, and D- Disease, and is introduced in 2019 so it is called COVID-19.

It was initially launched in December 2019, from the meat market in Wuhan, China.Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a recently discovered coronavirus infectious disease, according to WHO.

Many people infected with the COVID-19 virus may develop mild to moderate respiratory disease and recover without requiring any special treatment.

The symptoms of COVID-19 or Coronavirus may occur within 2-14 days of exposure (based on the MERS-CoV virus incubation period).

Symptoms include,

Fever Dry Cough

Shortness of breath

Tiredness Shortness of breath

Aches and pains

Sore throat Bluish lips or face

constant chest pain or pressure

And some people can face diarrhea, nausea or a runny nose.
Its better to gear up to medical facility when the symptoms show up.