What all could be the reasons for ear pain commonly?

I have frequent ear aches, what all could be the reasons for it?

Infections in the body, damage to the head, colds, flu. Excessive earwax building up in the ear canal can also cause ear pressure and ear pain. If there is an extreme ear pain followed by clear or bleeding ear fluid, then a ruptured eardrum may be present. It may be tinnitus.

There are numerous reasons why you use earbuds for an earache? Using earbuds is not recommended.If you have sinuses that may also be one of the reasons why, if this is a chronic problem, you would have to have it checked out by your GP. Only a doctor will tell you when there is a problem on your eardrums.

Excess accumulation of wax or cerumen in the ears can occur while attempting to avoid the entry of dust and germs into the ears. The build-up of excess wax may get dried and blocked, creating a feeling of fullness in the ears.

This normally results in ear pain from shooting.It’s normal in those who have a persistent cold and young children. Fast ear pain in the shoot can intensify with a pulling sensation in the night and some cases can also impair hearing.