Various types of breathing Exercises

Controlled breathing

  • Breathing with the help of yoga is considered to be highly rewarding as it focuses on both mind and body at the same time.
  • This method of breathing is called controlled breathing where you focus on breathing by controlling it with the help of your fingers.

Diaphragmatic breathing

  • Abdominal breathing is the other name for this exercise.
  • Here, you will be working with your belly.
  • This breathing exercise can be performed both by lying down as well as in sitting position.

Pursed lip breathing

  • One of the most widely used breathing exercises is pursed-lip breathing.
  • The main aspect of this breathing exercise is to release the trapped air present in the lung.
  • Here, you will forego the regular inhale and exhale protocol and adopt a new protocol where you will be inhaling once and exhaling twice.

4-7-8 breathing

  • If you are suffering from sleep problems such as insomnia, this breathing exercise is the right one for you.
  • The main concept of this breathing is to reduce the heart rate by slowing the breathing.
  • This overall would make you feel relaxed and help you to fall asleep.
  • To perform this exercise you need to breathe out through your mouth first.
  • Next, close your mouth and inhale for four seconds with your nose.

Breath counting

  • If you are having a stressful lifestyle and looking for some relaxation, breath counting seems to be the best breathing exercise for you.
  • This exercise makes you concentrate and hence avoids your mind from wandering.