Treatments of mental health disorders in children

Psychotherapy, Medications, and Family Counseling are the three treatments of mental health disorders in children.

Psychotherapy- This method is also known as talk therapy or behavior therapy because it entails discussing the problem with a counselor. A child will think about his or her dilemma and develop the confidence to take the necessary steps to overcome it during these sessions. Parents are included in the activity as well, and some strategies are recommended for the child to practice with regular monitoring of the child.

Medications- Stimulants, antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and mood stabilizers are some of the medications available. After a careful examination of the patient’s circumstances, the doctor decides the appropriate dose. Psychotherapy sessions are also combined with the use of medications.

Family Counseling- The child’s behavior may have an effect on the bond between the parents and siblings. As a result, in many cases, parents and other family members are included in the care. For certain parents, group meetings that include engaging with other parents who are dealing with similar issues are suggested as a way to cope, as this can have effective ways in handling the child from a better understanding of their problems or health issues.