Treatment of Hypocalcemia

To treat hypocalcemia, when a patient with a chronic case of hypocalcemia is well-tolerated, care must be tailored to avoid long-term complications. A rapid method of treatment is expected in the case of an acute case of hypocalcemia. In any situation, it’s also crucial to figure out what’s causing the problem.

For Mild Hypercalcemia:
Hypocalcemia is usually only slightly symptomatic and responds well to therapy. Confirm true hypocalcemia in patients with slight hypocalcemia. Only supportive care is needed for mild hypocalcemia. If the doctor orders it, further PTH tests can be done in the hospital. The doctor may order Vitamin D testing based on the patient’s PTH level.

For Severe Hypercalcemia:
In symptomatic to serious hypocalcemia with heart arrhythmias or tetany, IV replacement is suggested. Calcium chloride or calcium gluconate (both of which are high in elemental calcium) is provided as a supplement. Calcium chloride has three times the amount of elemental calcium as calcium gluconate, but it must be handled with care. Calcium chloride must also be provided through a central vein (i.e., access to a large vein in the body).
In addition, oral calcium and vitamin D supplementation should be begun as soon as possible. Treatment with calcium and vitamin D for 1-2 days before parathyroid surgery can also help prevent serious hypocalcemia from developing.

For Chronic Hypercalcemia:
The treatment of chronic hypocalcemia sometimes entails figuring out what’s causing it. Oral calcium supplements should be used to treat hypoparathyroidism (when the body is unable to produce sufficiently parathyroid hormone) and pseudohypoparathyroidism (when the body is unable to react to the parathyroid hormone).

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Can you also discuss the optimum level of calcium intake

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(According to the health experts from HHS and USDA)

Calcium Intake in Children:

Age Group (in years) Female Male
1-3 700 700
4-8 1000 1000
9-13 1300 1300
14-18 1300 1300

Calcium Intake in Adults:

Age Group (in years) Female Male
19-30 1000 1000
31-50 1000 1000
51+ 1200 1000
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