Treatment for Blisters

If your blister has not popped yet

  • Do not try to burst or pop your blister.
  • Make sure that it is left open to breathe or covered loosely.
  • Wear protective shoes or socks to make sure that your blister does not pop – if is it on your foot.
  • If your blister is on any other part of your body; take caution so that it does not burst.

If your blister has popped

  • Make sure to wash your hands and the blister with warm water.
  • Dab it dry and do not rub it.
  • Use an iodine or hydrogen peroxide solution to clean the blister.
  • Leave the blister open to heal naturally or cover it with a loose bandage, till it heals.
  • If the blister still continues to drain pus, visit your doctor to get an antibiotics course prescribed.