The Domains of CrossFit Training


  • This is gauged by the force that can be exerted by a muscle or a combination of muscles in your body.
  • Muscular strength can be increased by lifting weights, and by lifting more weights in the same amount of time, you may be able to increase your muscle strength further.


  • The range of motion that is available to a joint in the body is referred to as flexibility.
  • CrossFit actually recommends dynamic stretches over static stretches to promote greater flexibility.


  • The ability of the body to gather, process, and deliver energy is referred to as stamina.
  • Of course, stamina can be increased the old-fashioned way—by running a marathon.


  • Power is a measure of the force exerted by your muscles in a specified period.
  • Here, your strength is important and the time is also considered.


  • Your speed is measured by the rate at which you are able to repeat an exercise or activity.
  • CrossFit makes use of sprint drills, which involve short, timed sprints.